Cheryl Sylivant Artist Statement - Art and Living Energy®

I paint energy paintings that can be enjoyed as landscapes or as metaphors of consciousness.  They are made from oil on canvas immersive art created around the world, including painting trips to India, China, Brazil, Morocco, and many places in the US and in Europe. 

I am a non-linear painter who paints from living things, whether settings or place or persons.  It's all completely unpredictable, even to me, and sometimes I am painting years ahead of what I understand.  The settings transform the palate and the shapes.   I am extremely sensitive, so my energy is part of the process, and I do say that they have minds of their own when I receive the energy to transcribe.   My recent studio paintings are generated from all of the 20 years of experience of making art in locations combined, and I still work from individual travel pieces.

See what you see, they are non-linear maps about energy, humor, overcoming, and love of life amidst the vulnerable chaos.